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Need local or interstate transport costs to shift your ambulance due to a recent purchase? Perhaps you’ve bought a vintage ambulance or a second-hand ambulance that you need moved back to your home workshop or auto shop for repairs. With FreightQuotes you can request free transport quotes from experienced car carriers in Melbourne, Sydney, Perth and every city and suburb of Australia. Find the right auto transporter now with FreightQuotes!


How to Get 3 Online Car Transport Quotes

When filling in your online request for car transport, be sure to include your ambulance’s full dimensions, particularly the height and length, so you hear back from transporters with an appropriate truck or trailer for your vehicle freight. The dimensions of an ambulance often resemble those of a long base wheel van, making them an oversized vehicle for transportation purposes. Due to the ambulance’s length and height, a flat bed or single deck trailer is usually the best means to transport them. 

It’s free to include photos with your request, and this is helpful especially if you’re unsure of the make and model or any of the dimensions. 

At FreightQuotes we have a 'planning and budgeting' feature. This feature helps customers who are considering purchasing an ambulance to weigh up the costs of shipping a vehicle back home. 

It’s important to supply the transporters with information about the condition of your ambulance and the type of premises they’re collecting from and delivering to. Write a few notes in the description field to advise whether your vehicle is driveable or roadworthy, as this can affect how your vehicle is loaded and unloaded. If you’ve got your own loading and unloading equipment, let the transporter know what kind it is. 

Need more than one vehicle shipped? Specify the quantity and type of vehicles in your car transport request and we’ll send it to suitably equipped auto transporters.

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We connect customers needing car freight quotes with reputable car transporters. Our registered auto transporters are ABN verified and fully equipped. They’ve got the know-how to safely and efficiently relocate all types of car freight. Request your free car freight quotes, then review them directly with the car carriers. Evaluate car freight quotes for ambulance transportation now with FreightQuotes.