How to Transport Your Comb Trailer

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Comb Trailers

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Our registered equipment transporters can help you move one comb trailer or bulk farm equipment. They’re equipped for any sized job, so put all your items in the one quote request and save on freight costs. Uploading images also assists in hearing back quickly with accurate transport costs.

Comb trailers have wheels which makes loading and unloading simpler. The options for transporting your comb trailer will depend on its size and whether you have your own loading equipment and ramps. If you do have ramps, then the comb trailer can be winched onto the back of a truck and trailer, such as a flatbed truck. If you don’t have ramps or loading equipment, then a tilt tray truck—with its own winch for safe loading and unloading—will usually be the best way to get your comb trailer transported. Either way, it’s important to let the movers know if you need them to supply loading/unloading equipment, or if you’re intending to do this yourself.

Other essentials to put in your request are your comb trailer’s weight, make and model, and full dimensions. That way, equipment transporters can quickly see if their truck or trailer can safely relocate your comb trailer freight.

As with any type of farm transport, safety and planning are vital. Make sure the equipment transporters have a heads-up on access for the truck or trailer at both sites. Also advise of any safety issues or hazards that a driver would need to know in advance.

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