Need Reliable Transport for Your Crop Divider?

You’ve purchased a new or used crop divider, but how do you find an experienced transporter to bring it home? It’s easy with FreightQuotes. We match you with ABN verified farm transport companies. Simply fill in the freight request form to receive up to 3 transport quotes. It’s simple to use, you won’t need an account and it’s free! 

Crop Dividers

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Farmers use crop dividers to minimise trampling by crop sprayers. A crop divider improves yields, saving time and money. Crop dividers are valuable and need to be loaded and unloaded carefully. They can be lifted and transported by a crane truck. Or, if they’re not too heavy, a suitable truck, trailer and forklift can be used.

Want to find the best price? Provide the crop divider haulers with the below information when completing your farm equipment transport request:

  • Make and model of your crop divider.
  • Weight and dimensions.
  • If possible, upload as many as 5 photos. This gives equipment haulers a clear idea of whether they’re equipped to do your job.
  • Your time schedule and precise collection and delivery suburbs. If you’re flexible on time, you may find a cheaper price.
  • Inform the haulers about your loading/unloading methods and the available times for loading/unloading.
  • Advise any access or safety issues for the truck or driver such as difficult terrain, obstacles or steep driveways.
  • If you haven’t purchased a crop divider yet, please select that you’re in the “planning & budgeting stage”.

How to Choose a Farm Equipment Hauling Company

What should you look for when it's time to choose your preferred farm equipment hauling company? Price is a factor, but it won’t be your only consideration. We suggest you find each hauling company’s details in ‘My Quotes’ and directly request more information from them. For instance, can the farm equipment hauling company provide a current certificate of insurance if you ask for one? What is their reputation and farm equipment hauling experience? How do they look after your crop divider whilst transporting it? Do they recommend any preparation beforehand? We also suggest obtaining a written quote with clear payment terms.

FreightQuotes is the fast, free way to get no obligation transport quotes for your crop divider and farm equipment.