Find a Dependable Transporter for Your Cultivator

Want the best price on transport for your cultivator? It you’ve purchased a new or used cultivator and need to move it to your farm, FreightQuotes can help you. Wherever you are in Australia, we connect you with experienced heavy haulage transporters who are ABN verified. Complete the online form and get up to 3 cultivator implement transport quotes. No annoying phone calls. No fuss. And it’s free!


What to Look for in a Heavy Equipment Transporter

A cultivator is used to break up the soil in preparation for planting. Cultivators can also remove weeds, fertilise soil and cover seed with soil. Cultivators are valuable, some weigh in excess of 7 tonnes. Therefore, to move your cultivator, it makes sense to use a knowledgeable driver equipped with the right type of truck, usually a crane truck, if you don’t have your own loading equipment.

A professional heavy equipment transport service can also advise if permits are needed and how to get your cultivator ready for transport. Before engaging a heavy equipment transport company, it’s wise to discuss their quotes and service with them, and familiarise yourself with their current insurance, expertise and equipment. It’s also a good idea to request a written email quote with clearly defined payment terms.

Get the Best Price for Cultivator Haulage

To ensure you obtain the best price on cultivator haulage, please follow this guide when completing the freight requirements form:

  • Your cultivator’s make and model, weight and dimensions.
  • If you can, please upload photos of your cultivator, so transporters know if they’re equipped to carry your load.
  • Any access issues that may affect the truck or crane, such as narrow streets, hazards or steep driveways can be written in the description field.
  • Request help with loading and unloading, or detail your loading and unloading equipment in the description field.
  • State the available times for loading/unloading.
  • Exact collection/delivery suburbs.
  • When you’d like your cultivator collected and delivered.
  • If you’re thinking about buying a cultivator and want to evaluate transport quotes, select the “planning and budgeting stage”.

FreightQuotes makes it easy to choose your preferred haulage service and get your cultivator implement transported!