Moving a Directional Drill Machine

If you need to shift a directional drill machine, you’re probably wondering exactly how you go about it. There are expert machinery transporters available who can help you get your directional drill from point A to point B safely. FreightQuotes offers up to three quotes from ABN verified transporters for customers looking to shift their freight. Get your transport quotes for directional drill machines today!

Directional Drill Machine

Requesting Transport Costs

There are a few details transporters will need to know about your directional drill machine that’ll help them supply you with correct transport costs. The tracks on a directional drill mean loading and unloading is fairly simple. A tilt tray truck or a trailer with loading ramps can load and unload the machinery for transport. You can write a note in your request if you think one of these options would be the most appropriate for transporting your drill. That’ll ensure only truckies with these trailers will be calling you with transport costs.

Including the make and model of the directional drill is a handy piece of information for any truckie who wants to get an indication of the weight and dimensions of your machinery. They can simply look up the make and model and get images and details of the dimensions and the weight. This is great for the transporter because they’ll quickly know if their truck or trailer can carry your drill machine freight. 

What to Look for in a Machinery Transporter

You want to be assured that the company you choose is fully insured to protect your freight and safeguard you as a customer. You can request what’s called a Certificate of Currency which will provide written confirmation that the transporter, and your directional drill machine, is covered if there’s an accident or if any unforeseen damage occurs. For expensive machinery, it’s important to ask for their insurance details for your protection. 

All our transporters must provide us with a valid ABN which is then verified by our Support Team. If you want to provide yourself with a little extra assurance, then request this information from the transporter before the job gets started. It’s another way to know you’re dealing with a registered business.

Get 3 Heavy Machinery Transport Quotes

Including details such as the above in your freight quote request will help you to find a machinery transporter who has the right type of loading and unloading options, as well as the correct truck and trailer in order to carry your directional drill machine and provide you with accurate costs and quotations. Find transport quotes for directional drills and heavy machinery with FreightQuotes today!