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Bought a new or used dual cab ute (twin cab ute) from an auction or from interstate and need a dependable transporter to bring it back? Need transportation for your dual cab ute because it’s unroadworthy or undriveable? Save time and expense and let FreightQuotes find you a transporter. Fill in the “Get Quotes” form to get up to 3 transport quotes from experienced car carriers. These carriers will complement your ute freight, timeline and locations. It’s free to get your transport quotes and costs with FreightQuotes!

Dual Cab Utes

How to Get 3 Car Freight Quotes

When requesting car freight quotes for your dual cab ute, it’s essential to give the make and model, and the full dimensions. This’ll affect which type of truck or trailer can safely carry it. If possible, include up to 5 pictures of your ute. It’s free to do so and it gives transporters a better understanding of your freight needs, especially if you’re not quite sure of the correct dimensions.

For loading and unloading purposes, it’s essential to make some notes about your dual cab ute’s general condition. Is it driveable? Is it roadworthy? If you’ve got your own loading or unloading equipment, state what type it is. 

For a transporter to quote you correctly, it’s also important to specify correct collection and delivery suburbs. Describe the type of premises the transporter will be going to and make mention of what kind of access a truckie can expect for a truck or trailer. If there are steep driveways, narrow entrances or dirt roads, communicate these in your request.

Do you have other information an auto transporter would need to know? Are you familiar with ute transportation and have a special request for a specific truck? Write these into the description field of the “Get Quotes” form.

FreightQuotes & Ute Transportation

Unsure which company is offering the best transportation for your dual cab ute? We suggest getting in touch with the auto transporters and asking more about their current insurance coverage, equipment and expertise. For tips on what details to request from an auto transporter, head to our FAQ page.

In Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide and every city and suburb of Australia, it’s quick and easy to find transport quotes for dual cab utes, cars and all types of vehicles with FreightQuotes.