Find a Reputable Flail Mower Transport Service

Wasting valuable time trying to find a reputable flail mower transport service? Want your newly purchased flail mower to arrive in perfect nick? FreightQuotes is the quick way to find the cheapest price. And it’s free! Fill in the freight request form and receive up to 3 free transport quotes from ABN verified heavy equipment movers.

Flail Mowers

Transporting Heavy Equipment

Flail mowers are heavy equipment and are mostly used in the agricultural, building and forestry industries. They are useful for clearing dense vegetation that your average mower can’t handle. A flail mower may be attached to a tractor, or other machinery such as an excavator or a steer loader. 

Your flail mower may be heavy, wide and expensive. A skilled heavy equipment transporter with a crane truck, or alternatively a tail lift truck and a forklift, will provide for secure loading and unloading of your flail mower.

How to Request Accurate Transport Quotes

To obtain the most precise rates from heavy equipment transport companies, remember to include a few essentials in your freight quote request. Nominate whether you have one flail mower or bulk items of equipment to move. State a time frame for when you need it moved and the actual collection and delivery suburbs. 

Please note how you intend to load and unload the flail mower. If you don’t have any loading or unloading equipment, be sure to let the transport companies know so they can look after you with that. Also give transporters details of any access issues or time restrictions that apply to loading and unloading. 

The make and model of your flail mower, the weight and the dimensions (or your best guess at them) will also be relevant for quoting purposes. Uploading photos helps heavy equipment transporters gain a better idea of your load requirements. 

If you’d like to buy a flail mower and need some quotes, be sure to choose the “planning and budgeting stage”.

Farm Equipment Hauling—What to Look for

The best way to confidently select a farm equipment hauling service is to find out more information. You can deal with the companies directly by looking up their contact details in “My Quotes”. As well as the right equipment, experience and knowledge, a professional hauling company will offer you excellent customer service before, during and after delivery of your flail mower. Use this checklist to frame some questions:

  • What is the hauling company’s industry reputation?
  • Can they provide a certificate of currency of insurance if requested?
  • Have you been given a written email quote?
  • Are the payment terms clear and fair?
  • What information will you receive at collection/delivery times?
  • Are your questions answered promptly and clearly?

Like to know more? Check out our FAQ page for customers. FreightQuotes helps you find the best price for flail mower transport, heavy equipment transport and farm machinery transport.