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Granny Flat

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Granny flats are one of the most common portable buildings transported, as they’re popular for accommodating elderly relatives, adult children and teens in the backyard. Other times they’re used as a home office or income-earning guest house. Most granny flats are self-contained portable homes, and have a bathroom, kitchen, bedroom and living area. 

To ensure our registered portable building transporters can contact you with correct costs quickly, please notify in your transport quotes request how many granny flats you want moved, and give a brief description of the size and type of your granny flat.

Include the weight, dimensions and some photos of your granny flat, so the portable building transporters will know exactly what they’re quoting on. This’ll help you get correct costs, and it helps transporters determine whether an escort vehicle or permits will be needed to relocate your granny flat.

Let the portable building transporters know if you need them to arrange secure loading and unloading for you. Safe loading is usually executed with a crane truck or a tilt tray truck with its own winch (if the granny flat’s not too big). If you’ve got your own crane or suitable equipment to load your granny flat, then other truck options may be available to you. For instance, a drop deck or flat top truck. Just make a note in the description field about the type of loading equipment you’re going to use.

Including these facts helps our customers get their 3 transport quotes fast.

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