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All farms and farmers throughout Australia rely on hay and silage for their cattle, horses and sheep. Large square hay bales and round hay bales are a central feature on any farm across the country and without efficient and timely delivery and transport of hay and silage, the farming industry would collapse.

To move this essential commodity either regionally intrastate or interstate from supplier to farms, shows, homes and businesses, then it’s important to find a reliable, trustworthy and experienced truckie and transporter who is able to handle your large or compressed hay or silage bales with care. Get quotes for hay and silage transport today!

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  • Large Square Hay Bales: If you need to store large quantities of hay then you’ll most likely be looking to move large square hay bales. With the brick like shape, they’re easier to stack and store in sheds with a three or four-spike loader fork and they can be loaded and unloaded the same way from the truck or trailer. If you need to get them from the supplier to your shed at the farm, then finding a reliable and experienced transport company who can shift the hay bales for you is essential.
  • Round Hay Bales: Round hay bales are more resistant to the elements, therefore, storing them after transport can be difficult due to the round shape of the bales but their easier to move once delivered. They can be unloaded and loaded for relocation with a bale grab or a two-spike loader fork. Generally speaking, large round hay bales would need to be secured to a large vehicle, such as a semi-trailer or for even larger loads a B-double with a flatbed. The hay bales are then secured to the flatbed.
  • Sugar Cane Mulch Bales: Whether you require sugar cane mulch in large bulk quantities for your farm or just a smaller load delivered for the garden, you will need to find a truck driver who has the right equipment and vehicle to handle your freight. For smaller loads, a Ute or small rigid truck is usually the best options but for large bulk loads a semi-trailer with a flatbed may be required.
  • Compressed Bales: If you need to have grass hay, lucerne hay, oaten hay, teff hay or even cereal straw compressed bales transported to any location, be it a show or just to the farm for storage, you will need to find an experienced transporter with the correct truck or trailer who is able to shift the load. Deliveries can be done throughout regional areas intrastate or even larger interstate transport.
  • Hay Cubes: Hay cubes have become a popular alternative feed for animals such as horses, rather than using regular compressed bales of hay. Hay cubes are packaged in bulk quantities in bags and these bags can then be loaded onto the back of a truck in order to transport them to the stables, paddocks or storage areas where you need to use them.
  • Round Silage Rolls: Silage which is round baled will need to be fed to cattle and sheep within 6 to 12 month period of being harvested. When forage is baled, this can be wrapped in silage plastic if the round silage bales are to be stored for long periods of time after transport. Alternatively, they can be baled in tight round rolls before they are to be relocated from farms across Australia, especially if they are going to be used in the coming months.
  • Square Bale Silage: Pit silage can be stored for up to two to three years before it is fed to animals and square bales are usually used as they are easier to stack and store in pits. If you need to have square bales of silage transferred from the farmer or supplier to a pit storage facility then you’ll need to find a trustworthy, reliable and experience transport company to perform the job.

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Large and compressed hay and silage bales, both round and square, are moved across Australia every single day. With this regular occurrence there’s a high demand to find experienced and reputable transporters to carry these loads. 

If you need to find a truckie to carry your hay bale freight, then complete the get quotes form and FreightQuotes will send your request to the transport companies registered with our website. From there, three of our truckies will get in touch with you with quotations on your hay or silage freight.

Hay & silage bale transport is available Australia wide. This includes interstate, regional and metropolitan hay and silage freight covering all states and capital cities including Adelaide, Brisbane, Perth, Darwin, Melbourne, Canberra, Hobart and Sydney. 

Get 3 Quotes for hay & silage transport. It’s free to request quotes.