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Heavy equipment drives industries such as forestry, agriculture, farming, mining and earthmoving. Whether you need to move an arena drag or flail mower for farms and agricultural industries or pile drilling and driving rigs for mining and construction, you’ll need to find a equipment transporter who has experience working and hauling heavy equipment. 

You can find heavy equipment transport companies for interstate trips, as well as within regional and metropolitan areas. As heavy equipment transport is a specialised area that must be undertaken by heavy haulage experts, it’s important to find transport companies with experience in heavy equipment transport, as well as truckies who have the right vehicles and equipment to carry these types of loads. Get quotes for heavy equipment transport today!

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Heavy Equipment transport

What heavy equipment is relocated?

  • Cultipacker: Dragged behind a tractor to pack the earth for farming and agriculture, a cultipacker is primarily relocated due to recent purchases both locally or interstate. Include the model and make to give a farm equipment transporter quoting on the equipment freight an indication as to the dimensions and the weight.
  • Aerator: There are heavy equipment transport companies available for relocating a soil aerator that is used for agricultural purposes. You can find a reliable and reputable ABN approved transporter who operates in your pickup and delivery locations.
  • Seeder: Seeders are used every day across farms throughout Australia including in QLD, WA, NSW and also in Victoria. Provide the length, width and even the make and model to ensure you’re receiving an accurate freight quote from the heavy equipment transport companies providing you with costs.
  • Chaser Bin: Chaser bins can be large pieces of farm equipment and are often moved due to new or used purchases both locally and interstate. If you need a chaser bin hauled anywhere across Australia, then you’ll need to find a reliable and experienced equipment transport company to perform the job for you.
  • Cotton Mulcher: A cotton mulcher is a heavy duty piece of farm equipment that is used on many cotton farms within Australia. Whether you need a cotton mulcher moved from Victoria to NSW, SA to WA or QLD to NSW, you can find a heavy equipment transport company with the correct sized truck and trailer to do that.
  • Crop Dividers: As a crop divider and a crop planter is stationary it creates some challenges when it comes to loading and unloading for a heavy equipment transport company. If you need to find farm equipment transport for a crop divider you can do so by submitting an online freight quote request.
  • Cultivator: Cultivators are an essential piece of equipment on farms across Australia. Whether you’re located in Victoria, NT or even NSW, you can find a reliable equipment transporter to move your cultivator anywhere throughout Australia.
  • Ploughs: Whether it’s a disc, grizzly or a chisel plough, you can find a reliable and reputable carrier to transport the plough to your pickup and delivery addresses. Simply enter as many details about the plough, such as dimensions and estimated weight, and a heavy equipment transport company with the capabilities to carry that sized freight will contact you with farm equipment transport costs.
  • Flail Mower: A flail mower is used on farms and dragged behind small and large tractors. They are moved interstate as well as through regional and rural areas generally due to recent purchases. Get heavy equipment transport quotes for flail mowers.
  • Grader Blade: To load and unload a grader blade, you may need to enlist the services of a truckie with a crane truck. However, if loading and unloading assistance is available at the pickup and delivery site then state this when submitting a freight quote for the equipment transport company.
  • Scraper Bucket: To get a freight quote for a scraper bucket, specify as to whether it’s a scraper bucket for a skid steer, tractor or a backhoe when you submit your freight quote request for equipment transport costs and rates. This gives heavy equipment transporters an indication of the size and weight of the scraper bucket.
  • Tractor Bucket: Tractor buckets require the services of a heavy haulage specialist and it’s important to include an estimate of the weight of the tractor bucket so that your quote request is sent to equipment transport companies with the right vehicle and equipment to carry your particular tractor bucket.
  • Dozer Blade: Need to have a dozer blade for a skid steer relocated anywhere across Australia? You can find a reputable carrier who has the right vehicle and equipment contact you with freight quotes and costs. Get quotes for heavy equipment transport.
  • Excavator Bucket: Excavators are one of the most commonly utilised pieces of machinery and so there is often a need to move the heavy duty excavator buckets from site to site. If you need excavator bucket transport locally through metropolitan areas then you’ll need to find an experienced and reliable equipment transport company to get transport quotes.
  • Skid Steer Attachments: Skid steer attachments can include trenchers, skid steer buckets and skid hoes. Providing the dimensions and weight of the skid steer attachments requiring transport can ensure an accurate quote from the equipment transporter.
  • Backhoe Attachments: Separate from the backhoe, sometimes there is a need to move just the backhoe attachments of the front and rear buckets on their own. This may be from one construction site to another or from one earthmoving work site to another. You'll need a reliable equipment transport company to do the job for you.
  • Arena Drag: Designed to be dragged behind a tractor on a farm, an arena drag can be loaded for transport by a forklift or you may even need to request a crane truck in your quote request to ensure that the farm equipment transport company contacting you have the correct vehicle and equipment to carry your arena drag.
  • Hay & Silage Bale Grab: Whether you need to have a hay and silage feeder or a hay and silage grab moved due to seasonal requirements or you’ve just made a new or used purchase and need it moved to the farm, you’ll need to find an experienced heavy equipment transporter with expertise in moving heavy equipment.
  • Hay & Silage Rake: The hay rake or silage rake is a tractor implement and is utilised on farms throughout the country in rural areas within NSW, QLD and WA. Although there are smaller versions designed for small tractors that require transportation, there are also extremely large hay and silage rakes that create greater challenges for an equipment transport company for loading and unloading for transport.
  • Mower Conditioner: With the extension attached, the mower conditioner becomes a very large piece of heavy equipment and that means you need to enlist the services of a heavy haulage expert if you need to relocate the mower conditioner.
  • Header: Headers for tractors can be extremely large and are utilised on almost a daily basis on farms across the country. Whether you’re located in QLD, Victoria or NSW you’ll need to find the right heavy equipment transport company to move the agricultural header for you.
  • Grader Board: A grader board can be an extremely long piece of equipment and this impacts the length of the truck that can be used to relocate a grader board. State the dimensions of the farm equipment to get accurate equipment freight costs on moving a grader board.
  • Irrigator: Made a new purchase of a large agricultural irrigator and need to find someone who has the correct type of truck or trailer to relocate that to the farm? You can get connected with a professional truckie specialising in equipment transport.
  • Jaw & Rock Crusher: Heavy pieces of equipment such as jaw and rock crushers require a crane to load and unload. Note if a franna crane is available at pick up and delivery locations or if a crane truck is required in order for the heavy equipment transport company to quote on the job.
  • Rotary/Trommel Screen: A large rotary screen or trommel screen is extremely bulky and heavy equipment. If a crane is available at the pickup and delivery sites, then include this in the freight quote request to find the right heavy equipment transporter for the rotary or trommel screen.
  • Log Debarking Machine: Equipment such as log debarking machines are utilised in the forestry industry. You can find an experienced equipment transport company capable of relocating a log debarking machine.
  • Mobile Plants: Mobile batching, mobile screening and mobile crushing plants are heavily used in the construction industry. As they often have wheels, they can be winched onto a tilt tray or loaded and unloaded with loading ramps for transit by an experienced equipment transport company.
  • Mobile Drill Rig: As a mobile drill rig has tracks, it is able to be loaded using loading ramps. You can also enlist the services of a truckie with a tilt tray truck or trailer who can load the mobile drill rig that way. This means that equipment transporters with loading ramps or a tilt tray can provide you with freight quotes.
  • Paddock Roller: The drum on a paddock roller means they are able to be winched onto the back of a tilt tray or by using loading ramps to load the freight for transport. This can make finding an equipment transporter able to provide a freight quote a simpler process.
  • Pile Drilling & Driving Rigs: Pile drilling and driving rigs are heavy duty equipment and that creates additional challenges for transport. State whether a Franna crane will be available to assist the equipment transporter onsite for loading and unloading the pile drilling rigs or pile driving rigs.
  • Impact Crusher: In the mining industry, impact crushers are utilised on a regular basis and sometimes they require relocation to new mining sites. An experienced heavy equipment transport company can move that when required and provide you with transport costs and rates.
  • Slurry Tanker: As a slurry tanker is on a trailer, it can be winched onto the back of a truck or trailer up loading ramps or you can find an equipment transporter who has a tilt tray to carry the slurry tanker freight.
  • Sprayer: Agricultural sprayers and boom sprays have wheels to trail behind the tractor and this makes loading and unloading easier for the equipment hauler and can impact the costs associated with the transport quote.
  • Rotary Hoe: Large agricultural rotary hoe tractor implements are transported due to new purchases interstate or locally that need to be shifted to the farm. ABN registered heavy equipment transport companies can be utilised in these instances.
  • Planter: An agricultural planter is a large and heavy piece of equipment that is used on farms throughout Australia, including in rural Victoria, SA and NSW. As technology grows, so does the size of the agricultural planters available on the market. This means that for a large planter, you’ll need to find a farm equipment carrier with a big enough truck and trailer to carry this type of oversized freight.
  • Comb Trailer: A comb trailer can be winched onto the back of a truck or trailer using loading ramps or you can find an equipment transport company with a tilt tray to shift your load. You can find a reliable carrier with this type of vehicle and equipment.
  • Radial Stacker & Conveyor: When it comes to the Australian mining industry, stackers and conveyors are utilised on a daily basis and so if you need one relocated to a site, you need to find an experienced heavy equipment transporter able to carry this type of long and large freight.
  • Mobile Sawmill: The mobile sawmill is utilised in the forestry industry and as it has wheels but is not driveable, it can be winched onto a truck or trailer. You can find a reliable and reputable equipment transporter to shift this type of freight anywhere across Australia.
  • Scarifier: Got a tractor scarifier that needs to be relocated? An equipment transport company will generally need to have a crane truck to load and unload a scarifier from suppliers to the farm.
  • Farm Slasher: As a farm slasher has wheels but is not driveable, it can be winched onto the back of a truck’s trailer by using a tilt tray truck or trailer or by the farm equipment transport company having access to loading ramps.
  • Stick rake: A stick rake for a tractor can be a heavy piece of farm equipment and can be loaded using a forklift or a crane truck. You can find a reliable carrier to provide you with farm equipment transport quotes and costs for relocating a tractor stick rake.

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