Find Safe & Reliable Transportation for Your Hot Rod

Need safe and reliable transportation for your hot rod due to an interstate or regional purchase? Have an unroadworthy or undriveable hot rod that needs to be relocated for repairs? Perhaps you’re trying to get your precious hot rod transported to a show. Whatever the reason, FreightQuotes makes it fast and simple to locate a specialist car transport company.  Wherever you’re based in Australia, it’s free to get your 3 car transport quotes.

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How to Request 3 Car Transport Quotes

It only takes a few moments to request car transport quotes for your hot rod. There are a few tips you can follow when completing the “Get Quotes” form that’ll help you get correct costs quickly.

Describe the condition of your hot rod. Is it driveable? Is it roadworthy? Does it have a steering wheel and wheels? These essential details influence which transporters can safely load and relocate your hot rod. If you’re shipping the body of an undriveable hot rod, then you can put in a request for transport quotes under general freight.

Specify the make and model and dimensions of your hot rod. If you’re unsure of any of these details, give your best estimate and upload a few images into your form. Concerned about weather damage to your hot rod’s paintwork, body or upholstery over a long distance? Write a note in the description field requesting a car transport company with an enclosed truck.

Did you know you can ship more than one hot rod or vehicle with FreightQuotes? Simply advise the quantity of vehicles in the “Get Quotes” form and we’ll connect you to the right transporters.

Do you have any other special requests or information for the car transporters about loading/unloading equipment, access or directions? Write these into the description field of the “Get Quotes” form so the transporters can plan for the safe delivery of your hot rod and respond to you promptly.

Choosing the Right Car Freight Quote

How do you choose the best car freight quote? Cost is important, but it's also important to inform yourself about each car company’s current insurance. Obtain a written email quote with clear payment terms. Find out what equipment each transporter uses to protect your hot rod in transit. A professional car transporter will offer excellent customer service in response to your questions. 

FreightQuotes saves you time by connecting you to ABN verified auto transporters complementing your regions, schedule and car freight. Find car transport quotes for hot rods, vintage cars and all types of cars and vehicles with FreightQuotes.