Want the Best Haulage Price for Your Log Debarking Machine?

Need to compare heavy haulage costs to move your log debarking machine to a different work site? Perhaps you’ve bought a new or used log debarking machine and need local or interstate haulage quotes. Look no further than FreightQuotes. It’s free and easy to request 3 transport quotes from experienced haulage companies.

Log Debarking Machines

How to Request 3 Transport Quotes

Here are our hints for listing your log debarking machine and obtaining accurate transport quotes fast:

  • The type of machine and the make and model—is it a rotary debarking machine, a drum debarking machine or another type? It’s handy for the equipment movers to know this information when checking the specific haulage requirements for your machine.
  • Weight and full dimensions helps the transporters see if their truck can carry your machine.
  • The quantity of items you need moved. If the size of your load allows for one trip, we’ll pair you with equipment movers who have suitably large trucks.
  • Loading/unloading methods—make a note in the description field if you’ve got a crane or other loading/unloading equipment.
  • Let the transporters know if you need them to organise loading and unloading for you.
  • If you know what type of truck you need, write a request in the description field.
  • Include up to 5 images, so transporters know if they can quote on your freight.

Choose a Heavy Equipment Transporter

Once you have your 3 heavy equipment transport quotes, it’s simply a matter of doing a little research, comparing quotes and choosing one. For tips on this, head to our FAQ page under “What information/details should I ask the transporter to provide?”

FreightQuotes helps you find freight quotes for any heavy equipment you need moved. You don’t need to be a member, it’s free to get quotes and there’s no obligation to hire. Our registered heavy equipment transporters are all ABN-verified. They have the right truck and know-how to provide safe haulage for your log debarking machine and heavy equipment Australia-wide.