Organise Dependable Transport for Your Mobile Crushing Plant

In order to receive accurate transport quotes for shifting a mobile crushing plant and to ensure you find the best transporter for your needs, it’s essential to include some key details about your crushing plant in your quote request. FreightQuotes can assist you by advising on tips to finding the right transporter. Start getting transport quotes today. It’s free to do so!

Mobile Crushing Plants

Details to Provide a Heavy Haulage Company

If you’re looking for a transport quote for your mobile crushing plant, then a great piece of information you can provide the heavy haulage companies is the make and model. This makes it easy to look up the details and get an idea as to what your crushing plant looks like and what the weight and dimensions would be. It’s handy information to give a transporter, especially if you’re a little off on your estimate of the weight.  

Where you’ve been working with the crushing plant and where it’s currently situated may determine what sized trucks are able to get to it. State if there are any obstacles you may foresee that could impact a driver with a certain sized truck and trailer from accessing your mobile crusher freight. That way, the heavy haulage companies can determine if they can accept your quote request.

Getting Accurate Haulage Quotes

It’s highly valuable to include in the “Get Quotes” form the length, width, weight and height of your mobile crushing plant. This helps heavy haulage transporters to determine if the size of their truck and trailer is large enough to fit your crushing plant. The height will determine whether a drop deck trailer is needed, though this trailer would be required under most circumstances. The length and the weight will impact who has the right trailer to take on the freight as well. 

Be sure to state exactly where the mobile crushing plant is in terms of a suburb or town. This way you won’t incur extra costs due to a delivery taking longer due to an incorrect location. If it’s a difficult address to find or a remote location, write a note in the description field to say for example, that it’s 40 kms from the nearest major town. This will ensure the first quote you receive from the transporters is an accurate cost.

Heavy Equipment Transport Anywhere in Australia

You can get transport quotes for mobile crushing plants and all your heavy equipment by submitting a quote request through the FreightQuotes website. Up to 3 transporters will then contact you with transport costs to move your mobile crushing plant. It’s an easy way to connect with transporters and get your freight quotes.