Find a Dependable Transporter for Your Paddock Roller

Want to find a reliable transporter to move your paddock roller, but unsure where to begin? It’s free to use FreightQuotes and it’s simpler than you think. Fill in an online request and receive 3 transport quotes from our ABN-verified heavy equipment movers around Australia. Compare costs and get your paddock roller safely moved! 

Paddock Roller

Create a Listing for Farm Equipment Transport

As a heavy piece of farm equipment, the paddock roller is loaded for transportation by winching it onto the rear of a tilt tray truck, or by using loading and unloading ramps to get it onto a suitable truck and trailer. It’s important to advise in the description field of your transport quotes request whether you’ve got your own ramps and loading and unloading equipment, or if you need a farm transporter to do this for you.

Got multiple items of farm equipment to transport? Save yourself time and expense by putting them all in the one request. Unless height and size are an issue, they can usually be transported by one large truck and trailer. 

Follow these tips to get correct transport quotes quickly:

  • Upload images so transporters can see if their truck and trailer will suit your freight.
  • Advise the exact collection and delivery suburbs.
  • When do you need your paddock roller moved?
  • If you know about the transport industry you can request a truck and trailer type in the description field.
  • What are the full dimensions of your paddock roller? It’s important for equipment movers to know the weight and dimensions. If you don’t have the exact measurements, please provide your best guess.
  • What type of paddock roller is it? Specify the make and model if you know it.

Choose the Best Equipment Mover

When your request enters our database, it goes to the equipment movers who are a match for your paddock roller freight, timeline and areas. Instead of being bombarded with hundreds of phone calls, we put you in touch with 3 reliable movers who can offer you their transport quotes. When you’ve received your quotes, we suggest heading to our FAQ page for more on “What information/details should I ask the transporter to provide?”

Moving your paddock roller needn’t be stressful. We have experienced equipment movers in QLD, NSW, TAS, VIC and every state of Australia. Use FreightQuotes now to start comparing transport costs for your paddock roller.