Transport Your Pile Drilling Rig

Machinery transport is a specialised area but there are reliable and skilled transporters available who are experienced in carrying pile drilling rigs. Connect with transporters operating Australia wide with FreightQuotes. Get transport quotes from up to three pile drilling rig transporters today!

Pile Drilling Rig

Choose the Best Haulage Company

Firstly, you’ll want to find a haulage company with the right kind of experience and know-how in moving pile drilling rigs. Don’t be afraid to ask the truckie who calls you with a quote about their experience with moving and loading big and heavy machinery. That previous experience will go a long way to ensuring your peace of mind when it comes to shifting a heavy load like pile drilling rigs. 

Another aspect to look for is to check that the haulage company is covered by the right types of insurance. You can request a copy of their Certificate of Currency which is a certification that they’re covered and so are you.

What a Transporter Needs from You

When it comes to the pickup and delivery of your pile drilling rig, make sure that the opening and closing hours of the depot or site are communicated to the transporter. If they’re arriving on a Sunday for instance, make sure the depot or site will be open, so they can unload the freight. 

Have you provided the pile drilling rig transporter with a contact person for delivery? Make sure they’re either contactable or present at drop off time. If the place isn’t open or the transporter can’t get in touch with you, they might not be able to drop off your freight. So, it’s important to keep your side of the communication open too. 

Sometimes you’ll be asked for a percentage of the payment. It’s important that this is made on time and that the remainder of the payment is made at the agreed time. Keeping yourself informed as to the transporter’s payment terms so you’re fully aware of what is expected is a great way to approach things.

Get 3 Machinery Transport Quotes

If you want to receive transport quotes for shifting a pile drilling rig, or other heavy machinery, simply submit a freight quote request online. FreightQuotes will send your request to all the transporters registered with our website who carry large machinery freight. Anywhere throughout Australia you can connect with a transporter and get up to three quotes for shifting your pile drilling rig and machinery.