Transport Your Pile Driving Rig

All over Australia, pile driving rigs are used on construction and mining sites and there can come a time when you need to transport them onto the next site. FreightQuotes can help connect you with transporters registered with the website who carry this type of machinery freight and operate through your collection and delivery locations. Request your free transport quotes today!

Driving Rig

How to Create Your Listing

There are a few things transporters need to see in your quotes request so they can respond to you quickly. Let the transporter know when you need the pile driving rig freight moved by. If it’s urgent or you need it in the next few days, state this so only immediately available drivers contact you with transport quotes. If it’s weeks or you’re flexible you may find you can get yourself a better deal because a transporter can schedule in your load around their other jobs.

If you’ve got a couple of different pieces of machinery that need to be moved, enter in the quantity (they don’t all have to be pile driving rigs). Then add in a brief description of exactly what you’ve got with the dimensions and weight of each. If you’re estimating dimensions, it’s useful to upload a few images so transporters can see if they’re suitably equipped to carry your type and quantity of machinery freight. 

Once you’ve done all that, your request goes through to the registered transporters who are the closest match for your regions and requirements.

Expectations from a Machinery Transporter

After you’ve arranged the collection and delivery times with the machinery transporter, you need to make sure the sites can be accessed at those times. If you’ve organised for someone to be present, make sure they’re contactable in case the transporter needs assistance with locating the site. Closing down the site? Give clear instructions on times and who to contact, otherwise the machinery transporter may not be able to deliver your freight.

You’ll also need to make sure they know exactly where they’re going and which machinery to take. Some construction and mining sites can be quite remote, so give as much detailed information to the machinery transporter over the phone as you can. The better the directions, the better it is for you and the transporter!

Get 3 Freight Quotes

If you need to shift a pile driving rig anywhere throughout Australia, then you can do so with FreightQuotes! Whether it’s NT, QLD or WA we connect you with transporters operating in your specific areas. Start using FreightQuotes and find transporters the easy way. Get your transport quotes for your pile driving rig through us today!