Save on Transport Costs for Plywood Sheets

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Plywood Sheets

Request Delivery Quotes for Plywood Sheets

Plywood sheets are normally delivered in bundled stacks strapped to double pallets. The quantity of pallets and the total weight influences the type of truck needed to do the job safely, so remember to include this information in your delivery quotes request.

Nominate whether you have a full load, part load or small load of plywood sheets. As an indication, less than 4 pallets would be a small load, 4-6 pallets would be a part load and 7 pallets or above would be a full load.

State how you’re going to load and unload the plywood sheets, by advising the transporter if you have an onsite forklift or crane. Be sure to communicate any applicable times for loading and unloading. Need a transporter to arrange loading and unloading for you? Include a note in your delivery quotes request.

For all types of construction materials delivery, it’s important to inform transporters about access at each site and safety hazards.

Including accurate suburbs, your timeline and a few photos if possible, is also a great way to ensure you receive accurate delivery costs for your plywood sheets on the first call.

Why Use FreightQuotes for Construction Materials Transport?

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