Find Reliable Transport for Portable Cold Rooms & Refrigerated Containers

Purchased a portable cold room or refrigerated container and need to transport it? How do you find reputable portable cold room movers in your region? FreightQuotes has registered transporters waiting to help you. Fill in a short request to receive your 3 transport quotes. It’s free to use FreightQuotes. Start comparing rates and get your cold room or refrigerated container safely transported!

Cold Rooms

How to Get 3 Freight Quotes

Portable cold rooms are also known as refrigerated containers, cool rooms or cold stores, and are moved in a similar way to shipping containers. A hydraulic truck or crane is needed for secure loading and unloading.

A portable cold room or refrigerated container can range in size from about 10ft to 40ft, so it’s a good idea to include the size and full dimensions of your cold room or refrigerated container in your request. Another useful idea is to upload a few photos so movers can see if their truck is a match for your freight. 

If you've got more than one portable cold room or refrigerated container to move, no stress, we have registered movers with big trucks for all sizes of freight. Before contacting you with their freight quote and rates, movers will need to know if you’re going to use your own loading equipment. If you are, please mention this in your request, or ask the transporter to do this for you if needed. If you have transport experience you may state the kind of truck and trailer you require. 

Need to get freight quotes to transport your portable cold room or refrigerated container from Melbourne to Sydney, or between any other capital cities or suburbs of Australia? Supply your correct collection and delivery suburbs so we can connect you to experienced transporters in your location.

Choose the Best Transporter

When you’ve got your freight quotes for your cold room, we recommend contacting the transporters directly. Make sure you understand their costs, insurance and procedures. A dependable transport company will offer fantastic customer service. They’ll work to your timeline and understand your requirements. See our FAQ page for more on “What information should I ask the transporter to provide?”  

FreightQuotes helps you get the best transport rates for your portable cold room, refrigerated container and portable buildings.