Need Efficient Transport for Portaloos?

Stop wasting time on the phone and find an experienced transporter for your portaloos with FreightQuotes. We put you in touch with reliable transporters in every state of Australia. Request 3 transport quotes, compare rates and get the job done! There’s no cost to get your freight quotes.


How to Request Transport Costs

In your “Get Quotes” request, the movers will need you to supply the quantity of portaloos you need relocated. Nominate as to whether you’ve got a full load, part load or small load. A full load for example, would require a 12-tonne truck to shift it.

Are you loading and unloading your portaloos yourself or do you need the transporter to do this for you? Write a note in the description field of your request to let the movers know your intentions.

Providing accurate collection and delivery suburbs and specifying when you need your portaloos delivered will help you find available movers servicing your areas. Are your portaloos going to a festival, event or work site? Try and give the transporters an indication of the type of premises they’re going to. If either location is hard to find, you can write some basic directions in your request.

If the access for a truck is tricky at either site, or there are safety issues to be communicated, it’s important to note these in your request too. 

Choose a Portaloo Transporter

In Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Adelaide and every city and suburb of Australia, people are using FreightQuotes to find experienced transporters for portaloos, portable buildings and 800 categories of freight.