Looking for a Reliable Transporter for Your Roof Tiles?

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Roof Tiles

Transporting Roof Tiles

When transporting roof tiles and shingles, it’s important to wrap them tightly and securely so they don’t break or get damaged from A to B. Generally, roof tiles are transported on pallets or in crates, and are loaded with a forklift or crane. A hydraulic, rigid or crane truck may transport them, but it depends on the volume of tiles being transported and the loading methods. 

To hear back quickly with correct transport quotes, ensure you specify if you have a full, part or small load. A full load of roof tiles would fit in a 12-tonne truck or above. A part load is around 4-6 pallets, and less than a handful of pallets is a small load suitable for a local courier. The total weight of your pallets, and a few photos (if possible) is also helpful in hearing back quickly from available transporters.

Mention how you’ll be loading and unloading your roof tiles, or if you need a transporter to do this for you. Are there designated times for loading and unloading? Are there safety or access issues that transporters need to be aware of at collection or delivery? Do you have a specific truck request? Write this information into the description field of your request. 

If you’ve got a flexible timeline around transporting your roof tiles, you may be able to negotiate a better transport rate.

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