Need Affordable Transport for Your Rotary Hoe?

Purchased a rotary hoe locally or interstate and need a transporter to get it to your farm? Unsure where to start? FreightQuotes is the sensible way to get transport quotes, compare costs and save. Find 3 experienced farm equipment transport companies servicing your locations, times and freight. These transporters can contact you with their free freight quotes. Then, with no obligation, you choose one and get your rotary hoe safely moved.

Rotary Hoes

What to Look for in a Farm Equipment Transport Service

A reputable farm equipment transport service will offer you clear communication. They’ll work to your timeline, freight and location requirements. They’ll be pleased to chat with you about their quote, their payment terms and their current insurance. They’ll freely answer any queries you have about their farm equipment transport experience and loading procedures. They’ll be able to advise you about preparing your rotary hoe for transport and the need for permits (if applicable).

Get 3 Quotes from Rotary Hoe Movers

As rotary hoes come in different kinds and sizes, it’s important to tell the movers the type, make and model and full dimensions, including the length, width, height and weight. This information is essential in determining which type of truck and trailer is suitable for your rotary hoe freight.

Do you have more than one rotary hoe or bulk farm equipment to move? Our registered transporters have a variety of trucks and trailers appropriate for any type of heavy equipment. Most times your bulk equipment can be moved in one go, so you’ll save on costs by putting it all in the one request. 

Do you know what type of truck you’ll need? Do you have your own loading/unloading equipment? If so, communicate this so we can pair you with suitably equipped movers. Does your rotary hoe have wings or parts that can be folded down for transport? These details, specific directions and access or safety issues for a truck or trailer at either of the premises can be written into the description field.

In QLD, VIC, NSW and every state of Australia, FreightQuotes makes it simple to find an experienced transporter for your rotary hoe and farm equipment.