How to Transport Your Seeder

Recently purchased or sold an expensive farm seeder and need to find a secure way to transport it? FreightQuotes is a free online service that helps you find professional farm equipment transporters in your area. Save time and stress and let us match you with up to 3 ABN verified equipment movers who can provide you with their free transport quotes.

Farm Seeders

Hints for Finding the Best Transport Quote

Seeders used on commercial farms can be heavy and oversized. Special care, and equipment movers with a flat deck or tilt tray, are needed to transport agricultural seeders on the roads. 

To ensure you get a precise quote from seeder movers, be as specific as you can in your farm equipment transport request especially with your seeder’s weight, dimensions and make and model. 

If you know what type of truck and trailer is needed and you have your own loading and unloading equipment, you can mention this in your request. If you need the equipment movers to look after loading and unloading for you, please let them know by writing a note in the description field.

It’s important to mention access issues or restricted times for loading/unloading that a transporter would need to be aware of. Select when you need your seeder collected and if possible, upload up to 5 photos. This way equipment movers will know at a glance if they have a suitable truck and trailer for your freight.

Choose Your Farm Equipment Transporter

Naturally, price is important, but there are other factors too. When you have your 3 transport quotes, you can access the farm equipment transporters’ details in “My Quotes” and contact them directly to find out more. 

Ask them about their current insurance policy, experience and reputation within the industry. Talk to them on the phone and get a feel for their customer service. Ask how they look after your seeder in transit. Make sure you get a written quote and understand if it’s fixed price, or if extra costs could apply. Farm transporters have different payment terms, but for your own protection, never make a 100% payment upfront. 

Get Your Farm Seeder Ready for Transport

Secure any loose parts and seek advice from your farm equipment mover on how to prepare your seeder for transport. For overweight and oversized loads, you’ll need to find out from the farm equipment transporters if permits are required. 

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