Organise Transport for a Shot Blast Machine

Shot blast machines and industrial blasting machines can be big and heavy and arranging secure transport for them might seem difficult. The quick and easy solution is FreightQuotes. Australia-wide we have registered machinery transport companies with the expertise and equipment to securely move your shot blast machine. Don’t waste time and money ringing around. Request your 3 transport quotes today!

Shot Blast Machine

Why FreightQuotes?

  • One brief online form is all it takes to get your free freight quotes.
  • Compare quotes from reliable, ABN verified machinery transport companies.
  • We help people and companies get machinery transport costs across all industries – metal, steel, shipping, automotive, manufacturing, construction and more.
  • Get freight quotes to transport your machinery anywhere in Australia – local, regional or interstate areas.
  • Investigate transport costs to relocate your shot blast, or for second-hand machinery purchases.
  • Transport 1 shot blast machine, or all your general workshop machinery.

Submit Your Transport Quote Request

One of the main things to remember when requesting transport quotes is to stipulate the weight, type and dimensions of your shot blast or industrial blasting machinery. Photos are also great and including some often helps you get your quotes quicker.

If you have multiple machines to move, that’s easy to arrange too – we have specialist movers all around the country with big trucks and trailers for all sizes of machinery, so put them all in your quote request and save on costs! 

The types of trucks used to transport shot blast and industrial blasting machinery range from a tilt tray, to a crane or a tail lift truck. If the conveyor belt is being transported too then a large flatbed truck may be required. It really boils down to the size of your machinery and what your loading/unloading methods are. That’s why it’s important to indicate in the description field if you intend to do the loading side of things yourself, or if you need the transporter to do it for you.

Choosing the Best Machinery Transport Quote

You’ve received your 3 transport quotes, what next? We have plenty of tips over on our FAQ page regarding the details you should ask the transporter to provide.

Compare transport quotes for shot blast, industrial blasting machines and all your general workshop machinery with FreightQuotes.