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Finding the best rates for site shed transport within Australia is simple with FreightQuotes. Just fill out a quick online form and we’ll put you in touch with up to 3 registered portable transporters who are ABN verified, a match for your areas, and highly experienced in transporting site sheds. They can supply you with their free transport quotes. Compare costs and arrange safe and efficient transportation for your site shed with FreightQuotes!

Site Shed

Request 3 Quotes from Site Shed Movers

You can create a request for transport quotes from site shed movers under portable buildings. Site sheds are used mainly in construction, mining and civil projects, and are handy to have on site as offices, lunchrooms, project spaces or foreman’s offices. Some site sheds are equipped with sinks or kitchen facilities. In your freight quotes request, tell the shed movers how many site sheds you need moved, what type they are, and what the full dimensions are. Many site sheds are about the size of a 40-ft shipping container, however yours may be bigger or smaller than this.

In the description field, state whether you’ve got a crane or other equipment that you’ll use to load and unload your site shed. If you don’t have equipment for loading and unloading your site shed, make mention of this, so the movers can supply it for you. If you’ve had prior experience relocating site sheds and know the type of truck required, you can stipulate the type of truck you need.

It’s free to upload images of your site shed and this gives the movers a better idea of your needs. Remember to communicate any restricted times for loading and unloading your site shed. Be sure to note any access or safety issues for a transporter to be aware of at the collection or delivery sites.

It only takes a few moments to communicate these facts, but it’s the best way to obtain precise transport costs promptly.

Deciding Between Shed Movers

When the shed movers have given you their freight quotes, we recommend speaking to them directly. Obtain a written quote and find out about each shed mover’s current insurance, terms and service. Head to our FAQ page to find out more about “What details should I ask the transporter to provide”.

Why Use FreightQuotes for Site Shed Transport?

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All over Australia, people are using FreightQuotes to find a reliable transporter for their site sheds.