Transporting a Tracked Drill Rig

Drill rigs are utilised in construction and mining sites across Australia, so there comes a time when they need to be transported from site to site. If you want to find quotes to move one, then here’s some handy tips on how to find the right drill rig transport companies and get an accurate quote. Find transport quotes for tracked drill rigs with FreightQuotes today! 

Transporting a Tracked Drill Rig

Get an Accurate Quote from Drill Rig Movers

One major factor in getting an accurate transport quote from drill rig movers is to provide your suburb or town details as precisely as possible. Giving them an exact area where the drill rig will be picked up and delivered to will allow you to receive the right freight quote on the very first call. If you’re off by 30 km – 60 km, then this could possibly change the quote from the original price. 

The weight and the dimensions play a big part in the costs associated with moving the drill, so you want to get them as close as possible to get yourself an accurate quote. Weight can determine who can take it too, so if you want the right quote from the right mover then get these details into your freight quote request. 

If you don’t know the exact dimensions, then the next best piece of information you can provide is the make and model. Why is this so important? Well, then the transporter can simply look up the machinery and get all the details on that model. That means the transport quote they give you should be right on target!

Another important detail to include in your quote request form is when you need the drill rig transported. If it’s urgent and you need someone who is available straight away, then be sure to state that. If you’re flexible, then let a drill rig transporter know and you may find they can schedule you in at a time that suits both of you. 

Find the Right Haulage Service

There are several truck and trailer combinations that are used to haul tracked drill rigs. Often a drop deck trailer will be required as this trailer drops lower which accommodates for the height so as not to exceed height restrictions. Alternatively, a flat deck with loading ramps may be used by the haulage service if the height does not exceed regulations.

Loading ramps assist with getting the tracked drill rig onto the back of the truck or trailer and loaded and ready for transport. Make a note if you require this option in the ‘Get Quotes’ form and that’ll ensure only haulage services with loading ramps will contact you with transport costs.

Get 3 Machinery Transport Quotes

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