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At the heart of any workshop and what ensures that production continues efficiently and effectively is the workshop machines. Relocation is usually required when moving to a new factory or when a purchase has been made for a new machine locally or interstate. 

To do so, you’ll need to find a reliable and skilled transporter to ensure your work shop machine arrives in a safely and the truckie to shift this heavy and cumbersome load will need to have the right vehicle and equipment for loading, unloading and to carry during transit. Get quotes for workshop machines transport today!

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What machines are relocated?

  • Gear Cutting Machine: Loading and unloading a machine as large as a gear cutting or gear hobbing machine is an extreme logistical challenge. Finding a hauler with experience in carrying workshop machines is important.
  • Shot Blaster: The biggest challenge when moving a shot blasting system is the sheer size of the machine. If you need to relocate the conveyor belt too then you’ll need to find a transporter with a large flatbed truck to take on your load.
  • Lathe: Lathes machines are an important machine in a workshop as they shape metal that is used to create and construct products and parts. Finding a reliable transporter who arrives on time and has the right truck, trailer and equipment to load and unload your lathe machine is essential.
  • Drum Sander Machine: These machines can be some of the smaller machines in the workshop and that makes it easier to relocate. If smaller enough, the drum sander can go on the back of a standard rigid curtainsider truck or even under general freight and picked up in a van.
  • Swaging Machine: The swaging machine comes with different uses, forms and sizes and regardless of which one you need to move, you will need to ensure you find a reputable and dependable truckie to relocate your machine.
  • Grinding Machine: There are many types of grinding machines including surface grinders, cylindrical grinders, belt and bench grinders and if you’re looking to ship a large grinder, you’re going to need a transporter with a flatbed trailer to carry the load.
  • Milling Machine: As a milling machine is stationary, it will require a forklift to load it onto the back of the truck or you will need to find a transporter who has a hydraulic lift on the trailer in order to load it.
  • Vehicle Hoists: Commonly used in mechanical industries for securely lifting vehicles, a workshop hoist is a large piece of equipment and is often moved when new purchases are made from a manufacturer interstate or in local metropolitan areas.
  • Bandsaw: Bandsaws come in a range of sizes, depending on their application. A Ute or van can carry a small bandsaw or you’ll need a larger rigid truck to transport the larger bandsaws.
  • CNC Machine: Many workshops utilise Computer Numerical Control (CNC) machines as they are multitasking tools and can perform complex tasks quickly and easily. They can be the size of a workbench and shipped in a small vehicle or they can be large machines they require a truck for relocation.
  • Honing Machine: These machines are transported for new and used purchases and due to workshop relocations. Whether it’s regional, interstate or locally, you’ll need to find a reliable and reputable transport company to shift the load.
  • Welding Machine: Large welding machines, as used in the automotive industry, need to be lifted onto a truck with a hydraulic lift or loaded onto a tilt tray trailer. You can find transporters who have the specific vehicle and equipment to meet the needs.
  • Welding Table: Welding tables can be mobile which makes it easy to load and unload onto the truck. Utes and vans will may be able to carry a welding table, so listing as general freight could help you find the right transporter.
  • Plasma Cutting Machine: Many industries utilise plasma cutting machines and big workshops have large machines operating on a daily basis. This becomes challenging for relocation as it needs to be done with a tilt tray or flatbed truck and trailer.
  • Sand Blasting Equipment: You’ll require a forklift to move the machine to where a truck can manoeuvre into the property to load the sand blaster. From there, hydraulic lifts will be needed on the truck’s trailer in order to load the sand blasting machine up onto the back of the trailer.
  • Pipe Bending Machine: Pipe bending machines are long machines that are usually smaller in width. This makes fitting these machines into a truck or trailer easier as they can be transported as a part load and means it could be easier to find a transporter.
  • Workshop Press: Hydraulic workshop presses are tall machines but are not bulky equipment, which makes moving them much easier for truckies and transporters looking to help you out with relocation.
  • Guillotine Machine: This bulky and heavy piece of machinery needs to remain upright during loading, unloading and during transit. A large forklift will be required to load a guillotine machine onto a truck or trailer for transport.
  • Lapping Table: The process of lapping is performed in many workshops across Australia. Modern lapping machines are valuable to many industries and production of many goods and, therefore, it is important to find a transport service that you feel you can trust.
  • Plasma Cutting Table: The CNC plasma cutting table can be large additions to a workshop and must be handled with care in transit and when unloading and loading to prevent any damage. That’s why you need to find the right transporter for the job.

Transport Quotes

Any workshop manager who has had to arrange for workshop machines to be relocated in the past will understand what a huge task this is to organise. FreightQuotes helps connect you with the right truck drivers who are able to carry your particular workshop machinery freight. 

Simply complete the get quotes form with details of the workshop machinery you need delivered and your request will be sent to the transport companies registered with the FreightQuotes website. 

From there, up to three transporters will contact you directly with quotes and you decide which one best suits your needs. A simple, free and easy way to find transporters.

Workshop machine transport is available Australia wide. This includes interstate, regional and metropolitan freight covering all states and capital cities including Adelaide, Brisbane, Perth, Darwin, Melbourne, Canberra, Hobart and Sydney. 

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Get 3 Quotes for Workshop Machine Transport. It’s free to request quotes.