How FreightQuotes Works for Transporters

At FreightQuotes, we’re offering a unique service designed to enhance the experience for both transporters and customers looking to have any type of freight moved. We’ll give you access to loads to fill your empty trucks, matched up by settings for the locations you want to travel and the types of freight you’re willing to move.

With our service, although all transporters who are keen on that freight can see the job, only the 3 transporters who accept the lead will have access to the customers personal details. This means no price wars and no angry customers who have already been called by 10 truckies! Better for transporters, better for customers!

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Why Transporters Choose FreightQuotes

FreightQuotes take no commission from transporter sales and it is currently still FREE to register!

  • Once you’re registered, you’ll see all loads available that fit to your specific categories and location settings (easily set these up in your leads page!).
  • You only pay when you accept a job lead and they start at the low price of $5.00!
  • Once you accept a lead, only 2 other transporters can do the same and only those who accept the lead will have access to the customer’s personal contact details.
  • Therefore, there’s no undercutting on price from 10 – 20 transporters all contacting the same lead.
  • It’s always a warm lead because the potential customer has your details and they know you’re going to be in touch with them. Great way to get repeat business too!

This Creates A Fairer System for Transporters & Truckies, Plus a Better Experience for Customers! 

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Transporters - Guide to using FreightQuotes

Step 1:   Register with FreightQuotes by clicking List your Business and complete the simple 2 step registration form. Remember, it's FREE to register with FreightQuotes. You only pay a fee when you accept a job lead.

Step 2:   A FreightQuotes team member will be in contact via phone within 48 hours to confirm your registration and discuss the type of freight and region you wish to receive job leads for.

Step 3:   Start receiving and accepting job leads. FreightQuotes will send you leads that match the categories and regions you selected in the registration process. The first three transporters to accept a job lead will be charged a lead fee and will be sent the contact details of the customer. Download the iOS or Android apps to get leads faster. 

Step 4:   If three transporters have already accepted a job lead you are interested in, you can choose to be added to the job waitlist. If the customer is not happy with the first three quotes they received, they may request up to an additional three quotes if there are transporters on the job waitlist. If you are selected from the waitlist, you will be notified by email with the customers details, and they will also appear in your accepted leads, you will only be charged a lead fee at this time.

Step 5:   Contact the customer directly and provide a quote for the job they have requested. If the customer accepts your quote, you work directly with them to move their freight.

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